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Welcome, foreignersWalrus32.PNG

This is a russian-speaking space station called "Exodus", and you can join our party! Here is a small guide about playing as a foreign player. If you heard something bad about the Russians - it may be true, but most of the players here are friendly and kind. Some of them may speak english as well.


It's necessary to know the rules of our community, they are quite simple and designed to make everyone comfortable to play. Don't be scared to ask admins and other players(LOOC if its necessarily) about the rules, most of them are speaking english.

  • Don't be a dick

"Well, that's easy!" - you say. But often players simply don't see that they are spoiling someone's game. If your actions are constantly irritating by other community members - most likely, you are doing something wrong.

  • Communicate correctly Things you can't do while talking here:
    • Don't use memes and slang IC. Too much swearing is also a very bad tone. And for goodness' sake, don't abuse other players.
    • Flood, spam.
    • Discussions on political topics.
    • Dissemination of personal information about other members of the community without their consent to this.
    • Advertising, especially commercial, except for advertising your own servers.
    • Pornographic materials or links to them.
  • Roleplay(!!!)
    • Play realistic and natural characters in accordance with the game's lore (including in accordance with the profession, race, game mode). Do not play as a crazy person unless you have received brain damage. Really. Don't be crazy, lad.
      • Use realistic names.
        • It is forbidden to use the names of famous people, famous characters from films, books, other art works.
        • It is forbidden to use a combination of the name and appearance of other people's characters without a permission of their owner.
    • Metagame, with the exception of some cases, is prohibited. (Some cases - when knowledge that is not in the character's profession can generally have a positive effect on the game. Especially if the character can justify his knowledge and properly play the situation.)
    • DON'T grief(Ruin other player's game without a reason), don't spoil the fun of the game and don't create problems for yourself.
    • Powergame is bad
    • No OOC in IC or IC in OOC
    • No Erotic Roleplay(Kisses and hugs are allowed, of course)
  • Don't Coop.
  • Streaming of rounds is prohibited due to the high threat of metagame and other violations of server rules. In case of prior agreement with the administration, there may be exceptions.
  • Server rules apply throughout the game process, even after the end of the round.

How to surviveClock crashed 3.png

Character settings window.

"So, i read the rules, how do i play, if everyone's talking Russian?" - Don't worry, i can help you!

  • First - you should create a character. Click "Setup".
    • General. - Сhoose your character appearance and write a flavor. Also, you can choose your background information. All these things doesn't affect game mechanics, except for "Organs" and "Disabilities".
    • Occupation. - Choose your job. Beware, we got temporary restrictions on all of the professions, except for the Mime and the Assistant.(And all species, except human) Also you can choose type of the assistant. I recommend the "Reporter".
    • Roles. - "Yes" allows you to become special role (Antagonist). As a beginner, it is desirable to put all the roles on "no" until you have played different regimes as a crew member. If you forgot to press "no" and you issue a role, then write to the administration and they will remove it from you.
    • Loadout. - Here you can choose accessories, small items or various clothing for your character.
Login screen
  • Click "Join" or "Declare Ready" to enter the Station.
    • Entering the game, you will appear on the Transit Shuttle "Velocity", from where you will need to fly to the station.
  • Playing the role."So, now i'm at the station. But what should i do now?" - You can explore our build, try overcome the language barrier, participate in events... But first, i recommend making a story for your character. How did you end up at our station? Well, here's some ideas, that you might use:
Tourist 96x96.png
"*Snap* -Oh... I've never seen so much vodka in one place..."

You can play a tourist who flew here to see a distant station. Dress like a tourist, take a camera in the bar, and run around the station, photographing everything that gets in the way.

Business Partner 96x96.png
"-How about 10 assistants from our station for 10 credits?"

You are the representative of the station "...", flew in order to estimate the condition of the station and offer various deals. Put on your suit, take a briefcase, and act like you are very important.

Accidental Passenger 96x96.png
Accidental Passenger
"-Oh god! I took the wrong shuttle!"

Shit happens. You sat on the wrong shuttle, now you have to wait for the end of the shift. Can you survive that long? And why does everyone speak such a strange language?

So, thats it. You can do whatever you want, just remember the rules and try to be friendly.

  • Also you can use these Russian phrases to make it easier to communicate with people:
Привет - Hello
Я прилетел с другой станции - I flew from another station
Я знаю лишь несколько фраз на вашем языке - I only know a few phrases in your language
Я турист - I am a tourist
Я оказался здесь случайно - I happened to be here by accident
Я не виноват! - It's not my fault!
Бегите! - Run!

Language issue Terminology.png

Language issue is the most common problem for english users, playing on russian server. And not only because writing is so different from classic latin letters, or because you don’t know russian language at all. General problem is, how it’s displayed on your PC while you play Space Station 13.

This is how you should see it: “Инженеры суки! Сингулярность сбежала!” *Engineers are bitches! Singularity has escaped!

This is how you see it: “Èíæåíåðû ñóêè! Ñèíãóëÿðíîñòü ñáåæàëà!”

You also can see it in this way: “?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??! ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??!”

To see how to fix it check this topic

Tips and tricks HUD-Heat.png

  • The main thing is to find a person/several people at the station, who knows English.
  • If you are an experienced player and want to immediately play in any profession, without waiting for a temporary delay, write to the admins (Discord or AdminHelp).
  • Feel free to press "Admin Help" to ask them anything. Most of them are talking eng. and probably will help you.
  • If you want, you can leave your thoughts about server, thanks and wishes on our forum! How to do it:

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